Rules of the Game

Rules of the Game - information for players:

FIFA - Laws of the Game 2010-2011.PDF     [PDF download]
Ontario Soccer Association rules and forms      [link]

Player Equipment:

For outdoor play, athletes should purchase a pair of proper soccer shoes with long cleats (see below). The use of shinguards is mandatory. Knee-length sockwear is also required, to fully cover player shinguards.

For indoor play, athletes should purchase a pair of proper indoor soccer shoes, or wear outdoor soccer shoes with very short cleats. Some examples of suitable indoor shoe soles are shown below. A good pair of running shoes is also acceptable, but may not provide the same support and protection as will footwear designed for the game. Players must wear shinguards underneath knee-length socks during indoor games.



In addition to the items mentioned above, goalkeepers are required to wear jerseys with colours contrasting those of both their own team's and the opposition's uniforms.This applies to both indoor and outdoor matches. They are encouraged to wear protective gloves as well.



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